Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Melted Microwave

The grease on the stove was so hot it actually melted the microwave.  Remember, all it takes is a second for a pan of grease to flame up.  Please do not leave grease unattended.

Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire is a hugely devastating event for any homeowner.  For this homeowner, she called SERVPRO of Meridian and we were on our way to help.  Luckily with exception of the stove and surrounding cabinets, the rest of the house was fine.  

Kitchen Fire in Meridian

Cooking is a leading cause of kitchen fires. This fire was caused when the customer had forgotten they had food cooking on stove and walked away. The customer was amazed that the soot and smell was removed so quickly.

Call the Professionals for Fire Clean-up

SERVPRO of Meridian was called out to this local home to clean and restore the house back to normal after a fire had spread in various rooms. Call us at (601) 693-7300 and let us help you restore your personal items and home back to normal.

Fire Damage to Meridian Area Home

Fire Damage at to this home caused significant smoke and soot damage as well as ash and debris. Although most of the structure was unsalvageable, we were able to board-up the home and clean the contents. SERVPRO of Meridian is here to help. Call us anytime at 601-693-7300.

Small Fire at Local Restaurant - Cleaned

SERVPRO of Meridian was called to a local restaurant that had experienced a small fire. Although the damage affected mostly the outside sitting area, the smoke and soot still could potentially pose serious consequences if left untouched. Our crews arrived prepared with the equipment necessary to clean the affected area so that the area could be open to customers in no time